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About Us

Handmade Batik Shirts & More

At Shaun’s Show Shirts we create one of a kind batik pieces using traditional waxes and dying techniques. The artwork is dyed into the shirt, creating a design that will last much longer then anything silk screened or printed. Each shirt can take up to two and a half hours to make from start to finish. Here are the steps we go through.

Screen Printing Materials

Our Story

Shaun first began making tie dyes when he was twelve years old. He made them using Rit dyes in tubs.  He then started making tie dyes for sale  in college at Penn State. Many of his friends were also making tie dyes and he needed a way to stand apart from the others. He then started immersing himself in the world of batik art.


After college he traveled around selling his shirts at art and music festivals. In 1997 he stopped making batik art in order to raise his family. Now that his youngest child is in high school Shaun has dedicated himself to create his amazing batik artwork once again.

How It Works

T-Shirt Printing_white

Step 1

Starting with a new white shirt, we wash the shirt to remove the sizing and get a clean surface.

Jerry Fish tshirt being created

Step 2

To create the beginning design, we start by dripping wax on the shirt overtop Shaun's hand-drawn designs

goldfish t shirt

Step 3

We then add color to the designs with paint and dyes.

Jester T-Shirt

Step 4

Next is to cover the dyed areas with wax as they dry, protecting the designs from being dying the background.

Jerry fish t-shirt

Step 5

Once completely dried, we crackle the wax to create the batik relief.

drying shaun's shwo shirts

Step 6

Last step is to dye the background of the shirt, remove all of the wax, and allow everything to dry.

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